Recruitment positions and requirements

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Job direction
Senior Digital Marketing

1. Focus on the site SEO/SEM, ASO for the app store/ play store. Technically handle the key words optimization, on site works (speed test, URL structure, meta tags, site map, error debuging, onsite content), off-site works (key word analysis, competitor analysis, link analysis, key word strategy, R&D including but not limited to Black/Grey/White hat methods).
2. Manage compaigns across mutiple online channels, including Display, Search and Social. Constantly test variants to optimize performance.
3. Run A/B testing to optimize website, mobile app, landing pages and sign-up path.
4. Manage and improve the measurement of customer acquisition campaigns (GA and Sensors Data).
5. Use a highly metrics driven approach to help set the direction of our acquisition campaigns.
6. Assist in setting up the email marketing process.
7. Develop and execute online advertising strategy.
8. Research media websites for ad buy, and execute direct media buys.
9. Advertising related market research.
10. Maintain partnerships with media agencies and vendors.


1. Metrics, Metrics, Metrics!
2. Strong in Technical SEO.
3. Understand global digital marketing, experience in regional marketing.
4. Experience with GA, adwords, content management system, eDM, other 3rd party tools.
5. Very strong planning, tracking, execution and reporting drive - this will be a major role in the job.
6. Link development skills to enhance link popularity.
7. Understand Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Github, Youtube, Instagram, Twiiter, Telegram, Quora, Steemit, Medium, etc.
8. Good knowledge of natural search market & search engines.
9. Enthusiastic about digital currency and blockchain technology, crypto trader will be preferred.
10. Strong communication and liaison skills both written and verbal in English.
11. Well organized with exceptional attention to details.

Staff style

Talent is our most precious resource. We respect the individual value of each employee, perfect salary and welfare guarantee, broad career development platform,
A good working environment, strict workplace ethics building and the growth of each member.